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Using the Internet, Social Media, Webinars and Seminars.

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About PK SOH

In his late twenties, PK saw the mid life crisis faced by many professionals in their forties, especially during the downturn of the economy.  Hence, he decided to leave the comfort zone of working for an American company based in Dallas, Texas at age 30 and start his exciting entrepreneurship journey into Financial Advisory (3 years), Real Estate (11 years) and eCommerce & Internet Marketing (6 years).

Fast forward to now, as a sales and marketing veteran spanning different industries for more than 15 years, PK is able to combine his extensive offline experience dealing with diverse cultures with advanced online strategies in this digital era.  He also runs a training and consultancy company helping small business owners adopt a multi-faceted online branding and marketing system.  This allows them to command authority in their respective niches and also set up an automation system to generate leads for their businesses.

As an online marketer, he explores various models of generating recurrent income from trustworthy platforms that leverages on the internet.  When he is introduced to the Jeunesse eCommerce distributorship business and the advanced Internet Marketing System by The Passive Wealth Group, he realizes that he can help many people succeed – without using the traditional ways.  This business model is a truly leveraged affiliate marketing model.

Coupled with Jeunesse’s proprietary technologies in the Health and Wellness, Beauty and Reverse Ageing Industry, the business can only grow exponentially as the team expands rapidly globally.  The leverage factors are not just from the internet, but also from the growth of affiliated eCommerce distributorship across the globe that adds to your online income.

Essentially, it is a turn-key revolution that offers the benefits of a franchise business but at a fraction of the cost!

You will find educational tips on business, health and wellness, ecommerce and internet marketing.  Feel free to share any article that you think may benefit more people. 

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Life is more than just waking up early in the morning to rush to trade your time for your monthly salary - only to be discarded like trash when you are no longer relevant.  

Self  employed middlemen - life is not to be wasted on working from day to night, trying to talk to random strangers who walk past you as if you are non existent.  

It is time to take back control of YOUR LIFE!  
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